What is a Switchboard?

People might say that a switchboard is an electrical product that distributes power, controls motors, an enclosure with switches in it. While all these are correct the main purpose of a switchboard is to protect an electrical installation. A switchboard is a safety device. It protects cables, humans and assets. The majority of electrical fires, are started because cables are not protected by the correct circuit break or fuse switch or the switchboard has been tampered with or is in an unsatisfactory condition.

Our process for design starts at quoting stage. When we quote a project, we start by designing the switchboard to ensure our clients have the easiest possible connection ahead of them. This will ensure our clients have the easiest job ahead of them.

At RMS Manufacturing we understand how demanding and fast paced the electrical industry is. By making our products easy to install, we can guarantee our clients will have more time to tackle other obstacles that may arise.

Our guarantee to you is that:

  • Our products are engineered to suit your purpose
  • Our products comply with Australian Standards and local regulations
  • Our products are engineered and manufactured with the latest and greatest products the world has to offer
  • Our products arrive on site on time
  • Our products are tested before delivery
  • Our products are designed to make termination easy for our customers


Our products are your guarantee, that you have made the right choice.